Tools for Solutions

Client: Children's Museum of Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, GA

Installed: October, 2003


The jaw-dropping ball machine at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta provides kids with hours of entertainment, in a large-than-life exhibits they can control. Complete with construction cranes, blowers, and vacuum tubes, visitors are sure to love this interactive display. An expansive, overhead track system distributes balls from one of five major components to the next. A hand-powered bucket lifts balls to a hand-rotated distribution drum. Turning the drum counter-clockwise sends balls through a randomizer to two large Archimede’s screws. There screws then hoist the balls back to the storage return track. Turning the drum clockwise sends the balls to the water thank where they manipulated by both water and air onto an interactive ball conveyor.  This conveyor raises the balls to a track leading to a kiddy crane and ultimately to a storage bin. Another conveyor lifts the balls to a large wheel, which empties the balls into another randomizer. From there, the balls are distributed to two minor components, which in turn use air pressure to boost he balls back to where they began. This presentation at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta is a stellar example of Boss Display’s capability to produce marvelous mechanical exhibits.