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At Boss Display we have a creative team of designers, engineers, and fabricators who work together to develop fun, interactive, durable, and safe exhibits. By constantly redeveloping and innovating we are able to bring every new project a fresh perspective in order to deliver the best possible product for each exhibit. 

  • Project Estimating
  • Concept and Design Development
  • Technical Design Development
  • Mechanical Design and Engineering
  • Precise and Accurate Models and Drawings
  • Material Development
  • Working Prototyping 



Our custom in-house fabrication facility produces everything from specified prototypes to complete galleries. Our technicians are skilled in metal tooling and welding, carpentry, composite fabrication, finished painting, and other processes. While building in-house we are able to work closely with the design team and engineers to improve functionality and aesthetics of an exhibit while it is being fabricated. 

  • CNC Machining
  • Lathe Machining
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Composite sculpting
  • Model Fabrication
  • A/V and Media Integration
  • Interactive and responsive electronics
  • Graphic Production Management
  • Project Management
  • Subcontract Management


Our team will coordinate with your institution every step of the way in order to create detailed work plans and timelines for concept development, fabrication and final installation. We will do everything from delivery of a stand-alone cabinet to a floor-wide site installation with specifications to your institution's architecture. 

  • Detailed Installation Work Plans
  • Packing and Crating
  • Indoor and Weatherproof Outdoor Installations
  • Operating and Management Manuals
  • Maintenance and Support Instructions
  • On-Site Project Managers and Installation Teams

Maintenance and Support

We take pride in our work and make sure that every exhibit we designed will withstand extensive wear-and-tear, extreme weather conditions, simplicity of maintenance is also a key aspect considered during our design process. We will not only provide a manual for maintenance and operation, but we will also make sure to help replace or repair parts if any damage should occur. We value our relationships with our clients and want to make sure that you and your visitors have an engaging experience with our exhibits. 

  • Operation and Maintenance manuals
  • Continued advice and support
  • Exhibit Refurbishment
  • Warranty